Child Visitation

Houston Child Visitation Attorney

Standard Visitation

In the several Texas jurisdictions, parents share equal access to their child or children provided each was involved parents prior to the divorce. The standard visitation schedule is based on the possession order and what is in the best interest of the child or children. However, this does not mean there will not be visitation issues.

Most standard visitation/possession order outlines when the child or children will be with one parent or the other. The order is designed to provide the child or children with an ongoing relationship with each parent after divorce.

Preventing Issues with Visitation

Standard visitation schedules are generally based on distance. If the parents of the child or children live 100 mile apart or less, each parent will share shorter, more frequent blocks of time. In situations where the parents live more than 100 miles apart, the visitation schedule will take into account travel and expenses. Each case is different; and the court will provide an order based on the facts of that case while always considering the best interest of the child or children.

Parents divorcing which have young children are likely to have one or more visitation issues in the future. Simply put, there is no settlement agreement which can possibly take into account all the contingencies and circumstances which have the potential to unfold. Once a visitation schedule is set, both former spouses must comply with it. Remember, this is an order of the court, it is not a suggestion, and this will help to minimize any issues.

Choosing a Law Firm with the Right Experience

The attorneys of the Woodfill Law Firm are experienced in working with their clients to create both possession orders or parenting plans which cater to the needs of the child or children. If you have any concerns about visitation, we can discuss these and help you to reach an agreement with your former spouse or to force your former spouse to comply with an already established in the agreement.

It is important to understand that a standard visitation schedule is a lawful order of the court, especially when parents cannot reach a mutual agreement. In other words, the court will order standard visitation when the parents are unwilling or unable to come up with an agreement. 

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